Discover Sonoma County Wine: Genesis versus Coravin – How do You Preserve Your Wine?

Posted: Oct 29 2014

Napa Technology, makers of the WineStation®, launched their single bottle commercial (Genesis Pro) and residential (Genesis) wine preservation systems for both still and sparkling wine at Raymond Vineyards last night.

Either Genesis system dispenses preserved wine an ounce or glass at a time to allow tasting or service without consuming (or wasting) the remainder of the bottle. Since both Genesis systems come with multiple IntelliCorks (10 commercial or 3 residental) multiple varietals can be opened at any time and stored outside the machine.

Napa Technology presented a champagne that had been open 4 days and red and white still wines that were opened on October 17, 2014 (10 days).  All of the wines tasted fresh, but I had not tried a recently opened bottle of the varietals, so I was unable to tell any changes in the wine.  I would have preferred a newly opened as well as a 30 day bottle for comparative purposes.

The obvious advantages over a Coravin Wine Access system (which I have been happily using for almost a year) are the Genesis system will work on any type of closure (screw top, natural cork or synthetic).  Additionally, the Genesis system works on champagne / sparkling wine as well as still wine.

Sparkling wine is advertised to last for up to 5 days and still wine for 1-60 days.  The Genesis system gives commercial facilities the ability to serve more wines by the glass and the consumer the ability to drink wine(s) over a number of days. The convenient size will work in most settings and accommodates 750 ml and magnum size bottles in a free standing model.

The commercial version of the Genesis system retails at $899 and the residental system at $499. Gas cannisters come with both models and additional IntelliCorks and cannisters can be ordered from the Genesis website.

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Author: Jolene Patter, Discover Sonoma County Wine


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