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The design of the Clean-Pour Dispensing Head technology was first introduced by Napa Technology in 2007 and transformed the way wine was preserved and served, presenting the most effective, accurate and contamination free wine delivery system in the world.

Now this same technology has been adapted to provide pristine preservation for any wine, sparkling or champagne varietal. Simply replace any bottle’s existing cork or screw cap with the IntelliCork and apply WineGas to your split, bottle or magnum – and even your most delicate wines are brilliant from the first drop to the last.

The patented IntelliCork technology allows you to uncork, preserve and enjoy as many bottles as wine as you’d like, making Genesis unlike any other wine preservation device on the market. The IntelliCork provides both vacuum and gas preservation technology to both remove oxygen from each bottle while simultaneously creating a secure closure to eliminate any possibility of oxidation. The head is the only part of the system that ever touches the wine, making it a highly sanitary and effective solution. With additional IntelliCork heads, there is no limit to the number of bottles you can enjoy at a time.

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