What does Genesis do?

Genesis is the only single bottle preservation and dispensing system designed for both sparkling and still wine. It allows you to both preserve and pour still wine by the glass and preserve sparkling wine.


How long will my wine last when preserved with Genesis?

Still wine can be preserved for up to 60 days with Genesis, while sparkling wine can be preserved for up to 5 days.


How does it work?

Please visit our technology page to learn more about how Genesis works.


How many bottles can I preserve at once?

Unlike other gas preservation systems, which can only preserve wines while they are in the unit, Genesis allows you to preserve as many bottles as you’d like. The Napa Technology patented IntelliCork preservation technology provides preservation of the wine when the bottle is removed from Genesis.

You will need an IntelliCork for each bottle of wine you wish to preserve. Purchase additional IntelliCork Wine Dispensing Heads (for preserving & dispensing still wines) or additional IntelliCork Sparkling Preservation Heads (for preserving sparkling wines).


How does Genesis differ from other wine preservation systems?

Napa Technology is the innovator of a unique delivery system that is the only of its kind to both remove oxygen from the bottle while replacing it with argon. This technology creates the most effective preservation and dispensing capabilities found anywhere in the world. This dynamic innovation affords users the flexibility to preserve any number of sparkling or still wines at once safely and efficiently.

Genesis is the only gas system that can preserve multiple bottles of wine and doesn’t require continual cleaning. It is also the only product on the market that can preserve sparkling wine. With Genesis, you can preserve unlimited bottles of wine with confidence, knowing that they will be as brilliant as they were the day you uncorked them.


How do I clean my Genesis?

The Genesis is designed around the ability to deliver the wine directly from the bottle to the glass. Cleaning and maintenance are nominal, only requiring the IntelliCork and Pickup tubes to be washed either by hand or in a dishwasher. Learn more about caring for your Genesis.


How do I pour wine from my Genesis?

Simply remove any synthetic, natural or screw cap form your desired bottle and replace with the the IntelliCork. Place the bottle in the Genesis unit and move the lever into the pour position (wine glass icon) until the desired amount is dispensed. Wines may be removed with the IntelliCork in place and returned to your wine cooler or refrigerator until the next use.


How do I preserve sparkling and still wines in my Genesis?

Once the IntelliCork has been attached to the desired bottle, simply place the bottle into the Genesis unit and move the lever into the preserve position (bottle icon) and hold for approximately 3-5 seconds.

Please do not attempt to pour sparkling products from the Genesis, as the effervescence will be affected.


How often will I need to replace the gas in my Genesis?

This will depend on your usage. The Genesis WineGas capsules can preserve up to 12 bottles of wine. The Genesis PRO WineGas 34L cylinders can preserve up to 40 bottles of wine.


How do I order re-order WineGas & Accessories?

The WineGas capsules and cylinders are non-refillable but disposable. Please visit our Accessories shop to purchase additional WineGas, Pick-Up Tubes, Gaskets, IntelliCork Wine Dispensing Heads and Sparkling Preservation Heads.


Can I reuse IntelliCork Wine Dispensing or Sparkling Preservation Heads and Pick Up Tubes?

Yes! Our BPA free Pick Up Tubes and commercial grade IntelliCork heads are designed for durable, long time use. Easy, consistent care of your heads and tubes by simply washing them by hand or in the dishwasher will prolong their usage. Learn more about how to clean your system.


What is included with a single Genesis?

The Genesis package, created for the beginning of your home wine preservation needs, includes:

  • One Genesis Preservation and Wine Dispensing Unit
  • One WineGas Argon Capsule (preserves up to 60 glasses*)
  • One IntelliCork Wine Dispensing Head
  • Five Pick-Up Tubes
  • One User Manual

The Genesis Elite package, designed as the perfect starter package for your home wine and champagne preservation needs, includes:

  • One Genesis Preservation and Wine Dispensing Unit
  • Two WineGas Argon Capsules (preserves up to 120 glasses*)
  • One IntelliCork Wine Dispensing Heads
  • One IntelliCork Sparkling Preservation Head
  • Ten Pick-Up Tubes
  • One User Manual

The Genesis PRO package, which was created to meet your wine bar or restaurant needs, includes:

  • One Genesis Preservation and Wine Dispensing Unit
  • One 34L UHP Argon Cylinder (Preserves 40 bottles)
  • Six IntelliCork Wine Dispensing Heads
  • Four IntelliCork Sparkling Preservation Heads
  • 20 Pick-Up Tubes
  • One User Manual

  *1 glass = a 5 ounce pour

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