Napa Technology has been revolutionizing the way wine is served since 2007, with its introduction of the WineStation. Today, WineStation is the preferred brand of automated preservation and dispensing systems for thousands of restaurants, hotels, wine bars, and retail outlets worldwide.

At the core of the WineStation innovation lives the Clean-Pour Dispensing head technology. This patented technology brings the most effective, accurate, and contamination free wine delivery system found anywhere in the world.

Now with Genesis, this same commercial grade, reliable technology is available for the serious to novice wine lover – at home.


Uncork. Preserve. Indulge. Purchase your Genesis today.


Megan M. Sokhn

General Manager, Consumer Products

Megan Sokhn joined Napa Technology in its early days as a start-up and has been instrumental in its rise as the innovators of how wine is served. Over the course of her career, Sokhn has spearheaded the development of the consumer business and has implemented cutting edge marketing and business development programs resulting in rapid growth. Sokhn is a graduate of San Jose State University.

Jon Taradalsky

VP of Operations

Immediately instilling process and operational oversight, Jon Taradalsky joined Napa Technology in 2007. Prior to his addition at Napa Technology, Taradalsky honed his skills in launching new brands and providing operational structure at Future Rhythm productions studios as VP of Operations and Studio Educational Director. In 2012, Taradalsky assumed full leadership of all product manufacturing and logistics. With a penchant for detail and problem solving, Taradalsky manages manufacturing and support teams to deliver the best possible product in the marketplace.

Nick Moezidis

Co-Founder, Executive VP of Sales

Nick Moezidis cultivated his breadth of multi-disciplinary talents and leadership at Fortune 500 companies such as Eastman Kodak and Hewlett Packard Co., and within successful start-ups Brocade Communications and Tasman Networks. Over the course of his twenty five year career, Moezidis has led the creation of numerous emerging and disruptive technologies used today. Moezidis holds a BSEE, BSCS and MBA from Pepperdine and today heads the Napa Technology Sales & Marketing endeavors with sharp focus on the total customer experience and satisfaction.

Jayne Portnoy

VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy

Jayne Portnoy joined the Napa Technology team after achieving a career rich in effective marketing within the entertainment and hospitality industries. Portnoy has driven the development and execution for brands such as The Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League, Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, and the Soho Leisure Group with verifiable success. Portnoy is a passionate marketing professional with expertise in planning comprehensive out-of-the-box marketing, promotional and public relations strategies.

Morris Taradalsky

Co-Founder, Executive VP of Engineering

Morris Taradalsky has had over a thirty year engineering career. Prior to Napa Technology, Morris was Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Brocade Communications and Executive Vice President of Engineering for Exodus Communications. Taradalsky held management positions at Apple Computer Inc. as Vice President and General Manager where he introduced Apple’s first line of Network Servers. Taradalsky started in the corporate world at IBM Corp., where he had a distinguished eighteen year career. Taradalsky also filed numerous patents and received IBM’s Invention Achievement Award.

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