Genesis - the First Champagne and Wine Preserver


Have you ever wanted to open a bottle of champagne or wine, but hesitated – will you finish it tonight? Or will it go to waste? 

Never settle with Genesis, the first single bottle preservation and dispensing system designed for both sparkling and still wine. Genesis allows you to uncork, preserve, and pour your finest champagne or wine by the glass without wasting a drop.

Unlike any other wine preservation device on the market, with Genesis there is no limit to how many bottles can be preserved and enjoyed at the same time.

With the patented IntelliCork preservation technology, you can enjoy several of your finest still wines for up to several weeks after you uncork them, without losing any of their brilliance. And, for the first time ever, you can preserve your favorite sparkling wines for up to 5 days. Learn more about how this technology works.

Celebrations are endless with the Genesis. Purchase your Genesis today.



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