ForbesLife Mag: Best Gifts For Wine Lovers In 2014

Posted: Dec 03 2014

The latest wine gadget: Just new on the market this fall, GENESIS is the first single bottle preservation and dispensing system designed for both still and sparkling wine. Once a bottle of wine is opened, it begins to suffer the effects of exposure to oxygen. The typical shelf-life for opened wine is three to four days and for sparkling wine it is more like two days. This system inserts an inert gas into the open wine, ensuring a pristine, fresh taste each time you reopen the bottle. According to the company website, “oxygen is removed and replaced with WineGas, ensuring wines are pristine from the first drop to last. GENESIS also dispenses preserved wine, allowing wine lovers to enjoy just a glass of their favorite wine or multiple varietals at a time.” The complete system retails for $499 + shipping and can be ordered at as well as Amazon, Wine Enthusiast and Napa Styles.


Author: Katie Bell

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