Orange Coast Magazine: New Gadget Preserves Wine and Champagne

Posted: Jun 10 2015

There are many techniques for preserving opened wine, but the latest Genesis unit from Napa Technology is a perfect home, single-bottle preservation and dispensing system. Launched in November, the patented IntelliCork not only preserves wine after opening, but is the only system on the market that has the ability to preserve sparkling wine or Champagne as well as still wine. With IntelliCork, still wines last for up to two months after you uncork them, and sparkling wines last for up to five days.

Once the system is placed on an uncorked wine, oxygen is removed from the bottle and replaced with inert argon gas (WineGas). The preserved wine can then be dispensed at will. The IntelliCork can be removed from the dispenser, allowing additional bottles to be preserved. With additional IntelliCork heads, you can preserve and enjoy as many bottles as you like.

A Genesis unit was sent to me recently for evaluation. I found it preserved open bottles of still wine for two weeks (I did not go beyond this time interval) and sparkling wine for five days. The preserved wines remained pristine. It works for wine bottles with either a screw cap or cork, and cleaning and maintenance are minimal. I can definitely recommend it.

A recent price adjustment at $249 makes Genesis less expensive than its competitors. The Genesis Wine & Champagne Preserving System includes one IntelliCork for preserving still wine, and one capsule of WineGas. An Elite Genesis system ($399) includes an IntelliCork for both still and sparkling wines, and two capsules of WineGas.

The WineGas capsules can preserve up to 60 glasses of wine. Additional capsules ($39.99) and additional IntelliCork heads ($49.99 for still wine, $69.99 for sparkling wine) are available.

Visit Genesis Preserve for more information and to acquire the system.

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Writer: Rusty Gaffney

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